Functions of (H) Department

Establishment papers of Gazetted Officers of Printing Department, Establishment papers of Technical Staff of the Printing Department, Papers relating to Writ petitions, Audit objections/Draft paras /PAC / Appropriation Accounts etc.

Establishment matters of Stationery Department, Miscellaneous papers , Purchase of Stationery stores, Compassionate Employment Scheme of Stationery Department, Audit objection /draft paras, Appropriation accounts,  reconciliation of accounts, Supplementary demands, budget estimates/Annual plan relating to Stationery Department Papers of Legislative Committee relating to Stationery Department.,Other papers which are not specifically allotted to H1,H2,H3

Establishment papers of NGO’s(clerical) of Printing Department, Establishment of new presses in the State, Purchase of Machinery and equipments for Govt. Presses, Departmental Purchase Committee of Printing Department, Compassionate Employment Scheme of Printing Department, Sanction for Printing new forms and reprinting of old forms, All papers reated to Kerala Books and Publication Society, Budget Estimates annual plan, Reappropriation, Supplementary demands, Subject committee etc.

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