20/04/2019   G.O(Rt) 2288/2019/GAD
General Election to Loksabha 2019 -Declaration of Holiday on 22nd April 2019 to all Educational Institutions - orders issued
01/01/2019   G.O(Rt) 01/2019/SPD
Store Purchase Department- Procurement of vechicles in Government department/ Offices /Public Sector undertakings/Autonomous bodies/Local Bodies etc through GeM- GO modified
11/12/2018   G.O.(P) 20/2018/ P & EA
Planning & Economic Affairs Department - Norms/ Guidelines/ Designs for the construction of the fully destroyed houses in floods - orders issued
05/12/2018   No.97128/CEC1/2013/P&RD
21/11/2018   G.O.(P) 30/2018/
Electronics Department
- Non Creamylayer certificate through online - sanction accorded orders issued
18/11/2018   G.O.(P) 18/2018/SJD
Social Justice Department - Reservation of persons with disabilities in aided schools and aided colleges including professional colleges - orders issued

G.O.(P). 16/2018/P&EA
Planning and Economic Affairs Dept. - Rebuild Kerala Initiative - Comprehensive guidelines for operational strategy and Institutional Framework - approved orders issued

28/10/2018   G.O.(Ms)No.27/2018/ITD
Electronics & Information Technology Department – Condemnation / Scrapping / Disposal of Electronics & IT equipment – Guidelines - Approved - Orders issued.
11/09/2018   G.O.(P).No.6 /2018/lTD
Electronics & Information Technology Department - Implementation of DigiLocker system in Government Departments, PSUs, Autonomous bodies, institutions and Universities - sanctioned - Orders issued.
01/08/2018   G.O(Ms) No.15/2018/ITD
Electronics & Information Technology Department -Concurrence of Electronics and IT Department on IT Based Scheme taken up by Govt dept/ autonomous Bodies/public sector undertaking /Universities, Local self govt. Institutions etc-Revised Guidelines-Modified orders issued
01/06/2018   No. 3 /428/2018
ഉദ്യഗസ്ത ഭരണ പരിഷ്കാര വകുപ്പ് - എൽ .ഡി .സി നിയമനം - സംബന്ധിച്ഛ്